Covid-19 Related

Covid-19 Related Evictions in San Diego – A Moratorium

There is currently (Mar-Apr-May) a state-imposed freeze on evictions because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even if your city doesn’t have a specific plan (San Diego does) to help renters, tenants and sublessors – you will still be protected by Governor Newsom’s executive order.

All troubled tenants should inform your landlord of the circumstances and provide proof that you cannot pay.

This includes the following:
* A document showing you or a family member has tested positive for the virus
* A note from an employer, or Layoff notice

Even though you cannot be evicted, you are still required to pay the back rent for these months, even if you move soon before paying all rent. For an example – If you move out before the moratorium expires you will be liable for all the rent you owe upon move out.

San Diego County
The Board of Supervisors voted to, “protect tenants, homeowners, and small businesses in the unincorporated area that cannot pay rent because of the COVID-19 pandemic with a moratorium on evictions. The county will also work with financial institutions to provide similar protections for those facing foreclosure.”

City of San Diego
There is a moratorium (see the San website)on both residential and commercial evictions during this time. You are required to tell your landlord you are unable to pay before rent is due. The city’s moratorium also prohibits landlords from charging late fees if you show financial hardship due to the coronavirus.

City of San Marcos
There is a temporary moratorium in place on both residential and commercial evictions if you can show proof of financial hardship because of the coronavirus to your landlord. If your contract says a fee will be charged if your rent is late, your landlord can still collect the late fee when you pay back your rent.

You can read more on their website, SanMarcos Website.

City of Escondido
The city has temporarily frozen both residential and commercial evictions that are caused by coronavirus-related financial hardships. The moratorium prohibits landlords from collecting late fees on these payments but does allow for rental agreements and leases to be renegotiated.